Joan Reminick Restaurant Consultant

Even before opening, new restaurants are vying for public attention. While some places will make it through the crucial first year, a surprising number won’t. The competition is fierce, and even the smallest mistake can have a huge impact. What makes one restaurant succeed while another goes under? I can answer that question based on my singular credentials: For 25 years, I worked as a restaurant critic and food reporter for Newsday, Long Island’s major newspaper. What I have come away with is an encyclopedic knowledge of the complex, varied and ever-changing Long Island restaurant scene. Most importantly, I know exactly what critics (and diners) do – and don’t – want to see on their plates. Since 2016, I’ve been using my skills and experience to advise restaurateurs and chefs involved with launching new restaurants and reinvigorating older ones. Now, I am using my critical skills as a consultant bent on making every restaurant realize its full promise and potential.

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